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A wall decal is a decoration or sticker that is attached to the wall in a person’s home as an added aesthetic to the overall home design. They vary in size and come in many different design styles ranging from text to colorful illustrations to even photographs and abstract shapes. Wall decals are very common in kids’ bedrooms, because they make it easy to decorate a child’s room as well as change the decoration over time since all it takes is simply switching out the decal to do so.

Wall decals, also known as wall art stickers or wall clings, are fun decorative cutouts that can be placed in any room of the home. Decorating with decals is for every person, of every age, and for every interior design style. Wall decals and wall art stickers are typically made out of vinyl or a form of laminate with adhesive on the back of them, which varies between paste and a reusable self-adhesive. These are a relatively inexpensive way to give a boring wall or space a mini-renovation. It does not require long hours of work, taping off edges, or moving furniture to get a new look in your home. Simply pick out the wall decor sticker that you like the most and change the look of your room in under an hour!